Immigration Affairs Services

The purpose of this website is to provide general information about the rights of immigrant and refugee families, fillable emergency plans, a list of important documents for families, and resource guides. The majority of resources are available in both Spanish and English.

Dane County supports the immigrant and refugee communities

All families—regardless of immigration status—are important members of our community and we respect their beliefs and are committed to assist and support. We have compiled some resources that can help families find important information and services around Immigration.

Portrait of Fabiola Hamdan

Contact Information

Fabiola Hamdan, Immigration Affairs Specialist
Dane County Department of Human Services (DCDHS)
1202 Northport Dr.
Madison WI 53704

Responsibilities and Services

The DCDHS Immigration Affairs Specialist provides outreach to immigrant and refugee communities in order to support immigrant integration to the U.S. through the coordination of county services. This position serves as a source of referral for other non-county agencies when necessary.

The Immigration Affairs Specialist provides support to:

  • Promote efforts by various Dane County departments to improve accessibility of county services to immigrant and refugee communities.
  • Navigate county resources and services.
  • Search resource databases, and other sources to identify, assess and suggest programs and services available outside of county government.
  • Respond to questions from immigrant and refugee residents regarding the status of their efforts to access county and other services.
  • Refer immigrant and refugee residents to outside agencies and organizations that provide non-county services as appropriate.
  • Collaborate with internal management and external agencies and partners regarding consumer concerns.
  • Conduct public appearances, trainings, and presentations to improve the accessibility of county services for immigrant and refugee communities.
  • Work with the Dane County Immigrant Assistance Collaborative, a partnership of service providers that advocates for and assists immigrants and refugees.