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Dane County Department of Human Services

Travel Training

Those who are unfamiliar with public transit or through life changes are unable to drive their own vehicles are eligible for Travel Training. This allows you to access Metro Transit, shared-ride taxi, and other Dane County Department of Human Services transportation programs. Group and individual training are available.

Bus Buddy Program

The Bus Buddy Program provides route familiarization and other support while learning to use Metro Transit, shared-ride transit programs, or county-funded group ride programs. Individuals are assigned a Volunteer Bus Buddy and receive one-on-one training. The Bus Buddy Program also provides bus training excursions. A group of seniors travels via Metro Transit to a community event and out to lunch while learning to use the bus. The service area for training is the Metro Transit boundaries. The service area for shared-ride transit and county-funded group ride training is all of Dane County. This is a temporary travel training service. View the brochure here.

General Eligibility:

The Bus Buddy program is available to any Dane County residents who live in their own homes or apartments and who are unfamiliar with Metro Transit routes, shared-ride taxi transit programs, or other DCDHS transportation programs.


There is no fare while participating in the program.

How to Apply:

Contact the Retired Senior and Volunteer Program at (608) 238-7787 or the Transportation Call Center at (608) 242-6489 or