Economic Assistance & Employment Services

Emergency Assistance Grants

This is a grant program for low-income families facing eviction/foreclosure or who are homeless and moving into a new place, or for those affected by fire, flood, or other natural disasters. Funding may be used for first month's rent, security deposit or eviction prevention.

Emergency assistance is a one-time payment that can help low income parents pay for emergency housing or utility-related expenses.

Who May Qualify and How to Apply?

Families with limited resources that has not received an Emergency Assistance grant already in the last 12 months can qualify for Emergency Assistance if:

  • There is at least one minor dependent in the home.
  • They have a 5-day eviction notice for non-payment of rent.
  • The household is currently homeless that has found new housing to move into.
  • The group has less than $2,500 in assets.
  • The household have less than 115% FPL of monthly gross income (before taxes are taken out).


For Emergency Assistance eligibility information please visit the State website at

For community resources phone the United Way of Dane County at 211 or on-line at