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Neighborhood Intervention Program

The Neighborhood Intervention Program (N.I.P.) is a unit of the Children, Youth, and Families Division of the Dane County Department of Human Services. It offers innovative Prevention and Early Intervention Services and Community Supervision Services to boys and girls ages 10-17 who are delinquent or at risk for delinquency. The N.I.P. program is based on the principles of the Balanced and Restorative Justice Model. Programming seeks to redirect youth by simultaneously holding youth accountable for their behaviors, building youth competencies, and protecting the community.

N.I.P. Services
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Program Cost

There is no cost for the majority of the prevention and early intervention services provided by the Neighborhood Intervention Program.

Costs may be charged based on the ability to pay for other delinquency services. There is a $25.00 per month fee for all youth placed under Human Services supervision. This fee is waived if the juvenile is placed outside the parental home. In these instances, however, a monthly fee is charged for the placement. Parents are sent information by Dane County fiscal representatives which help determine the amount of the fee.

How to Apply

Services are geared toward Dane County youth and their families. Specific eligibility criteria are listed for each service.

For prevention and early intervention services contact the Neighborhood Intervention Program at (608) 288-2400.

For community supervision services, referrals must be received from the assigned Dane County Department of Human Services Social Worker or, in some instances, the school (REPLAY).