Developmental Disabilities


Support Brokers

Use of a support broker:

  • The support broker is responsible for assisting with the development and implementation of the person's plan.
  • The consumer chooses the support broker.
  • The support broker's responsibilities are:
    • Helping identify the individual's goals.
    • Developing individualized support plans. Plans include how the individual wants to live, and also those elements of an individual's life that are non-negotiable (those things that cannot be compromised).
    • Identifying informal and generic supports as well as traditional human service agencies.
    • Helping to choose supports that fulfill the goals of the individualized plan.
    • Using the allocated budget creatively.
    • Negotiating rates and contracting for services with the chosen providers.
    • Monitoring the supports for quality on an ongoing basis.

SDS Support Broker's Manual

Dane County's Support Broker Training Manual has evolved dramatically as Self-Directed Services (SDS) have taken hold in our community. Initially, the county distributed a pile of ever-changing forms, which eventually got collated into the now familiar maroon binders. In the early days of SDS, Dane County provided initial training and certification of all Support Brokers, packing the overheads from these trainings into the maroon binder.

Now the county contracts with broker agencies to hire, train and supervise Support Brokers. While training varies between agencies, this manual attempts to summarize the values and philosophy shared by all broker organizations. In addition it provides forms, instruction sheets, procedural guidelines and fiscal information used by the county and all Support Broker agencies.

For additional information, you may contact the Self-Directed Services Coordinator, Erin Rodell, at (608) 242-6473 or e-mail her at: