Operational Data Collection and Reporting

Quarterly Reports

Beginning on May 1 of each year, providers are required to file Quarterly Reports with their Contract Manager. Reports shall include:

  1. Information on client waiting lists.
  2. Quantity of services by Agreement/client category.
  3. Progress or problems in achieving Agreement goals and performance outcomes,
  4. Progress or problems associated with overall Provider operations,
  5. Other information as may reasonably be required by the County,
  6. The fourth quarter report is to also include a description of:
    1. Agency and program objectives for that year;
    2. Achievement of or progress toward those objectives;
    3. Problems encountered in meeting the objectives.
  7. Reports on services provided in specific geographic areas as identified to the Provider by the County.
Quarterly Transportation Report PDF format Microsoft Word document format

The Quarterly Transportation Report is used by POS agencies providing transportation services. This captures aggregated information on the mobility of passengers, number of one-way trips by purpose, and service miles and hours.