Applications / Proposals for Funding

Dane County Department of Human Services provides a comprehensive array of services and programs to over 30,000 customers in Dane County each year. Many of our direct services to consumers are provided by agencies under contract with us. They provide assistance to low-income individuals and families, older adults, children and adults with disabilities, children that need support, supervision or protection and families. We also operate the Badger Prairie Health Care Center, which provides long-term care to older adults and adults with disabilities.

Important Dates

Application/Vendor Workshop:

9:00 – 10:00 a.m.
Job Center Ballroom
1819 Aberg Avenue, Madison, Wisconsin
Last date for questions:

Submit to:
Applications/Proposals due:

Applications material and schedules should be submitted via e-mail to:

Application materials

All proposals must include:

  • Completed DCDHS Application Form – with completed Attachments A, B, and C
  • Completed Budget and Personnel Schedules Spreadsheet
  • Additional information requested in the RFP

Dane County is using a two-part application this year. All proposers or applicants must complete (1) the Dane County Application Form and (2) the Program Budget and Personnel Schedule Spreadsheet. The Application Form contains primarily narrative questions as well as a couple of tables. The Spreadsheet document includes a number of tabs that provide instructions for filling out the blank Program Budget worksheet and the blank Personnel Schedule worksheet. These documents are the same as the budget worksheet and personnel schedule contractors submit annually to the department. An application will be considered incomplete if both the completed Application Form and the completed Spreadsheet (including program budget and personnel schedules) are not received.

Please note, many of the RFPs that are posted allow a proposer or applicant additional pages (pages in addition to the space available in the 9 pages of the Dane County Application Form) to respond to the RFP. If the RFP indicates you may use additional pages, you may add the pages as an addendum to the application form. Unfortunately, the Dane County Application Form does not allow you to insert pages into the form itself. Read the RFP carefully as each RFP specifies if additional pages are allowed.

Please also note that it is the bidder's or proposer's responsibility to check this website for any future addendums, revisions or additional information in the form of Frequently Asked Questions documents (FAQs ) prior to the application due date.

Adult Community Services

Behavioral Health
# Title RFP App. Inst. Sched.
A002 Assessment and Coordination for Drug Court Treatment and Drug Court Diversion Programs (Addendum)
A003 Benefit Specialist Program for Behavioral Health (Addendum)
A004 Community Support Programs (CSP) (Addendum)
A005 Intoxicated Driver Program (IDP) Treatment (Addendum)
IDP Approved Provider Application
Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities
# Title RFP App. Inst. Sched.
A006 Early Intervention Services for Children Ages Birth to Three—MMSD Attendance Area (Addendum)
A015 Early Intervention Services for Children Ages Birth to Three—Outside MMSD Attendance Area (Addendum)

Children, Youth and Family

Child Protective Services/Child Welfare
# Title RFP App. Inst. Sched.
C008 Family Interaction Services (Addendum)
Mental Health and Alternate Care
# Title RFP App. Inst. Sched.
C009 School-Based Mental Health Case Management (Addendum 1; Addendum 2)
Prevention Services
# Title RFP App. Inst. Sched.
C014 Youth Center Services (Addendum) (for 2019 Funding)
Youth Justice
# Title RFP App. Inst. Sched.
C010 Parent Support Programming for Juvenile Justice System-Involved Youth (Addendum)
C011 Pro-Social Athletic/Enrichment Activities for At-Risk Youth (Addendum)

Economic Assistance and Work Services

# Title RFP App. Inst. Sched.
E012 WHEAP—Dane County (Addendum)
# Title RFP App. Inst. Sched.
E013 EBT—Double Dollars (Addendum)

For a list of all open request-for-proposals (RFPs) and bids throughout Dane County, please check the Dane County Purchasing Division's web site.